Saturday, December 7, 2013

Unacceptable Love

Why are you indifferent,
To this wooing affair?
Why are you maladroit,
In this invulnerable circle?

Destiny is our saga,
It makes me go gaga.
Should I continue,
Through misery and agony,
Until when I reach the peak?

Alas! I refuse to comply
With in-your-face mien!
I've a faculty of lessons:
Wisdom amid experience,
I'm fed up of your censoriuos acts.

Your macabre Machiviallian plot,
Will end as a trash,
I am eagle-eyed fellow,
Sophisticated to detect machinations.

Horrible things are a cul-de-sac
Now, I cease to engage afresh!

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Thursday, December 5, 2013


Things come and go
Some stay and vow.
True ones only stay,
The false can't pay.
We take the good and bow
With a big amazing wow!

Our bond has grown,
Like a queen with crown.
Being in the cycle for long,
The kind all will love to belong.
Chasms in such a bond could show,
But at the end they go to the shore.
Blessing covers those endure
With patience as in conjure,
Words can not express
Even if I be the press,
The happiness of this day
As it comes on Friday.
Then comes blessing upon blessing
Words aren't enough in expressing

For the sake of true budding
Who never brings burden.
It began as a seedling,
Today, it is a sterling.
Morrow it will reach the zenith,
Tranquility will come from beneath.
That's the moment to achieve
Glory and ideal life we receive
We're then be envied,
But we will not be levied.
Oh! You the patient buddy!
Your life is now in my body.
Friend you are and partner
All because of your manner
Losers are the sadists
Who hinder the leftists.
That's the moment we cheer up;
Drinking gingerly in one cup!
We'd then give them tongue
They'd know they do wrong.
Now we go hand in hand,
Our life becomes a brand.
The records that you hold,
Are of high caliber and bold
Sharp and bright I name your brain,
In my memory it will ever remain.
I say all this without shaking,
Shy or else, fear or blaming
My worries are always wiped
By you when my heart you peeped.
You honour me when I'm dishonoured,
You heal me when I'm wounded.
You're religious and well-versed,
Your verses are not rehearsed.
You are so quick to discern,
And hospitable,you show concern.
Generous, by heaven I learnt.
Your nights are full of light.
Shy as Fulani and also tide,
With horizon free and wide.
Describing you mouth can't
Praising you stop I won't.
In theory and practice you're perfect
in life your deeds no one can reject.
Commending you I say is my last breath
There you'd remain on my chest breadth
My wish for you is my wish
If it's lie let end my dish.
I tag your birthday a secret
Just be patient and reflect.