Saturday, June 30, 2012


The sun reverberated off the buildings of Gadon Kaya, with an example of glittering hand of diamonds. It was a shiny and a warm morning. Salim woke up from a deep slumber, he ushered into bathroom for a morning shower. Having taken bath, he brushed his teeth, and then he cleansed his mouth with fresh clean water from a tap on the bathroom basin and walked out.
He walked into his room to dress up. He stretched out his thin hand and picked up a cream which was placed on a small drawer adjacent to his four-squared bed. He rubbed the cream into his face, arms and from his toes to the ankles.
He dressed up in a manner that fits the style of gentle men, a description of a northern Nigerian cultured young man. Meanwhile, he wore English costume, a red and white striped long-sleeved shirt with blue jeans trousers to match. Salim now recalled an appointment he had last night for meetIng his friend, Shitu Yusuf Isa at Shy Shopping Plaza by 9:30am. On recalling this, he was in haste to leave the house so as to make sure he gets there on time.
Suddenly, he placed his hand on the handle of the drawer and pulled it open, picked off his medicated spectacles which he wore to magnify his sight, furthermore, to protect his eyes from ultra-violet rays. In a few seconds, he put on the glasses and adjusted them on the middle of his skinny nose, so that half his eyeballs could be seen behind the lenses. He quickly put on his Brokie half-covered shoes that were made from camel hide.
Salim sprayed a splendid scented perfume that was given to him by his girl friend when the latter visited him last week. The perfume was tagged: "secret love".
It was but some minutes when Salim walked to the dining room for breakfast. Unfortunately, he found nothing on the table, he became disillusioned.
"Ahmad!" He shouted. But there was no answer. He then called one more time, yet there was not even a buzz of fly.
Salim glanced sluggishly at the clock which was passionably placed above the television in the room. It was 8:45am, he hissed and quit.
He left the dining room to the boy's quarter where he found Ahmad serving meal in the kitchen.
"Ahmad," he called vehemently. "Why haven't you served the meal?"
"Wallahi, Salim, I have been doing my best to serve it as early as possible, but the stove has a snag. Besides, its cotton strings are burnt, and there was not enough kerosene untill I sent Muzammil to Tal'udu Junction. It had to delay because he hadn't got it there until he drove to Kofar Kabuga where he hardly got it." Ahmad explained nervously.
"Why are you not cooking on pressure cooker?" Asked Salim.
"You know the gas cooker needs repair, besides, the gas cylinder is vacant." Ahmad replied.
Salim sighed a long sigh, and gave Ahmad a very hideous and stern look. This was due to the fact that Salim hated him especially because of his regular behaviour for not serving meals on time. Had it been Salim were the householder, he might have dismissed him from the house. Contrarily, Ahmad was very servile to Alhaji Salisu Nakundu, Salim's father; his dishes were delicious. As the result of that, Salim must bite his tongue, because Alhaji wouldn't tolerate his son disgracing cook unreasonably.
Finally, Salim left home at 9 on the dot. He walked along Aminu Kano Way, passing through Gadon Kaya gate to the venue. After he had crossed the first lane of the dual BUK road, he stopped a while to wait for the speedy passing vehicles as the traffic lights were like dummies; they stopped working. After the vehicles had passed by, he walked to cross the road to the direction of Shy Shopping Plaza; accidentally, an oncoming commercial motorcyclist from nowhere crushed into him; both of them collapsed on the bare-tarred road. They were brutally wounded and blood was gushing out from their unconscious bodies, and from Salim's nose and mouth. People nearby who witnessed the scene came to their aid as both were taken to the hospital. On their way to the hospital, Salim seemed to be semi-conscious as he started murmuring some words, unfortunately,he died while uttering the word of martyrdom.