Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Matrimonial Poem (For Kabir Musa Yusuf)

Composed: 26th Jan, 2009

The time has come
For us to cheer and celebrate
The marvellous occasion we longed
Of our master's memorable matrimony.

The day we thirsted and starved,
The day we waited with keen,
The day all of us booked
To fill our happiness gap,
Today the day has come.

When longing is longed,
When striving is the task,
When supplication is invoked,
Then yearning is fulfilled
Gratification progress
Then success prevail.

We must celebrate with you
As we've nothing to pay you;
For you are our lead,
Followers to your footprints,
With your voice we speak.

Our sterling tutor, our guide,
Our starting point, our end.
Our educational path, our gate.
Our key to success, our hope.

Without you noun would be neglected
Without you pronoun would be oppressed
Without you verb would be marginalised Without you adverb would be robbed
Without you adjective would be segregated
Without you preposition would be paralysed
Withour you conjunction would be dislocated
Without interjection would be vandalised
Without you parts of speech would be strangled
And without you literature and language will faint and die.

So great you are by emancipating them from emasculation
So brave you are for rescuing them from annihilation.

We are at your door
Jubilating your jamboree,
And to wish you viva
And sustainable married life.

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