Tuesday, May 14, 2013


It is mystifying to hear
Unusual words against
The established norms,
Of a sense society.
It is queer to hear
A marauding marauder,
Coming upon you
In a deleterious dungeon,

Threatening your fragile soul.
In mask of envy, intruding itself
Into a wide field of grace,
Wanting to ravage you
And liquidate your arsenal,
With its 7th century merciless missiles,

And then you are defenseless,
With protectors, senile and anile
Your arsenal are brain and pen,
As they are sharper than swords,
Incomparable warrior in peace and war,

Then the pens of your disciples emerge
With swords sharpest than all,
And you only thought they'd not succour,
Alas! The defense stand by you,
With their suave modern armaments,
That can nuke any evil system,
Crushing the slayer,
And bringing a historic change
Lasting until eternity.

Composed on 14th May, 13