Thursday, October 24, 2013


This day the poet tweets 
With an unclenched fists,
He's had to drop his kits,
With all their nice knits 
To pay humble tributes 
For a being who contributes
Whose hand never carries a blade,
Nor does it spoils the bread.
Let me hail a speedy plane,
That doesn't stress brain;
The crew inside it is refined, 
And the passengers are finely wined  
Depending not on others' dine. 
Not even yearning for mine.
The camp cherished by old
And the young cheer, behold.
Moderate and cool it's to stand,
Coming with ideas fresh and brand
The ideas appear to be fit,
I speak of wit not of pit
Diamonds they're and golds,
Superseding phoenix and oxfords.
Behold, it is a generous university,
That tirelessly dispenses versatility.   
Giving out high and concrete degree
In tons folks receive it all free.
The dead's fate has no speech
Much less to come with a breach
Flattery some people will think
But I do write this with a wink. 
Does this poet's mouth seal?
Nay! None can seal it or steal! 
In our cycle you seem like a queen
To say this I waited with keen.
The ostrich you're that eats steel
In saying this shame I don't feel.
If one perceives it as a blame,
Let him curse me or cast defame. 
It's not for me, a crime
Because I'm still in my prime.
I can avenge but in sublime 
Since I'm not born a lame.
I'd choose to retire here,
Bosh! In running I'd be a hare.
But giving respite is fair
Like giving a messenger fare.

I smile as I'm saying today,
Viva to you on this day.

Composed by 
Huzaifa Sani Ilyas
01:03 P.M. 
Thur. 1 August, 13