Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Olympus Has Fallen

(For the late emir of Kano Alhaji Ado Bayero)

The mourning begins,
Strikes our heads.
We're in floods of tears.
But the muezzin calls,

The prayer-goer responds
To the call- the call of Nature
The call all do answer,
Willingly or unwillingly.

The call that condones no delay
The call that none can deny,
Our ancestors answer the call,
With the generation to come .

Ours is but to lament,
For the Olympus has fallen,
The falling of hope,
It is like a falling of the sky,

And to others, it's a flood
That swallows the facades,
That masticates structures,
And that wipes a whole clan,

Leaving behind a history,
But Indellible on a golden slate,
Engraved on it: 'the don amir',
Leaving a yearning yarn,

A legacy to learn and lead,
For us and the folks to arrive.
The amir's charismatic yearn,
And the examplery life he lived,

The motherland bewildered,
By the unwanting visitor,
The visitor which causes rain,
And ends up in terrible flood,

Our world tsunamised,
Now, all affected and hooked
By the anchor of sorrow,
Till a new star emerges

But that I hope; a replacement
That may make a new world
Designed to remember the old,
For the fun is gone in the past.

My eyes red- like Kwankwaso's cap,
With my heart, sorrow- tagged.
I can't help but to swallow the pain
For the one to assuage it arrives,

To replace the 51 year reign.
Now, the king's lineage embrace
The destiny that has befallen all
And shall trust the Almighty's will

And we, to offer our prayers
For the deceased Peacock...
And wish him eternal abode.
But the emirship is sealed
In this century as I envisaged.

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