Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Insatiable Sip

I have taken my sip,
Yet it gets rolling
Is it ever fair
To be wanting more
After giving out enough?

This is not hunger
Nor is it thirst
But some inner yearn
To taste more and more
And to see the colours
That give life and pleasure.

The pleasure of being memorable
Which history will remember
The poor soul that beholds, and
The hands that hold the effulgent script,
Still Crave for some more.

Hush, even scrooge can afford
Owning the treasure,
And everybody can scrimp
For the golden ornate orogeneny.

If i were to explore its beauty
And number the graces therein,
My tongue will lie
And my ego will egress
Or it gets puzzled
To explore the virtues.

For the poet is an itinerant jinn
Who keeps vigil and vigilant
To sneak and ambush vile vices
Hard to crush upon
But amenable and lenient,
Always impregnating lexis
And giving birth to meanings.

The water that beautifies flowers,
Which give life to souls and beings
That ameliorate pain
And assuage life worries-
Worries on the diseases of life
And gives cures for the ailments.

When recieved as recipe
Taken, sipped but still need more
What an insatiable sip
By a simple seamless simpleton.

Huzaifa Sani Ilyas
For Tijjani M. Musa
Composed: 15/09/2014
12:58 A.M.