Friday, October 5, 2012

Beware of Campus Marauders

20th May, 2008

May I not abandon this?
After being attested thrice.
Reasoning I shall make on
Yearning to be free from marauder.
A new way hasn't been yet
Mentioned to lovers and foes.

Alas! Confidential it remains.
Melancholic it would be,
In fact, when exposed.
New way I must conceal,
Unless such things are shunned.

Unsteady on my feet I stand
Moveless backward and forward.
Adamant is my mind till
Rough guys are barred.

Hush! My regard is that:
Unique you should be,
Zeal now you add.
Abysmal guys are more;
In the campus, you know?
Finally to you I appeal,
Anti-serious students you leave!

Serious minds you link,
Anyone not one.
Never mind those parasites,
Infamous they are.

In bizzare you were,
Last minute, imagine
In the campus you joined!
Your truly pal is he who
All facts he says,
Safe-guard yourself for life.