Sunday, October 7, 2012

Congratulatory Poem (for Umar Sa'I'd T/Wada)

Umar Sa'idu Tudun wada is the successor of late Umar Dutse Mohd, the General Manager of Freedom Radio, Kano. He was installed few days after Dutse's departure. This poem was composed by the advice of Kabiru Musa Jammaje as the case of the other poem I composed on the death of Dutse, Condolence, which is an elegy discribing the moral qualities he possessed and how his loss would be in his post-era. I have hinted through this itroduction so that the reader will find the inseparable link between the two related poems namely: CONDOLENCE and CONGRATULATORY POEM. May his soul rest in peace. The poem reads thus:


I know not how I should dictate
My pleasure in this long awaited day;
Waiting in suspense of its approach.
I know not how I could say
My triumph in seeing this day.

Many days have gone in passion and hope,
But this one seems as better as before.
Promotion denotes expertise and proficiency,
To a new world better than the old.
It is like being out of bondage;
And a recovery from the previous pains.

It is being in the progressive life,
The opposite being retrogressive one.
Oh! You present crew;
Wake up from your deep sleep
And imitate what you colleague fought
For becoming who he is now.

The sun and the moon today merge,
Jubilating friendly with smile.
The stars have nothing but to follow;
Cheering and rejoicing without dislike.

The most lovable post is the progressive one,
Never walking slowly like a chameleon or going back.
So your post be as faster as wind,
That never refers back to what she destroyed.

There are such devils who your post despise,
Ignore them and pray day and night.
For your weapons are Almighty's ones.
Let them perish by your sophisticated arms.

UST, my advice is that:
Footsteps of DM you follow,
Tolerant, humble and sincere man,
Genius and capable he proved.
Tirelessly all these should be.
Till death does what she does.

Never let any obstacle win over you,
Smash them and let them be history.
For the crew: let you all co-operate,
Let the obedience and sincerity be your friends.

Lastly, to you UST I pray,
Faithfully and peacefully you serve
The Freedom Radio and your Lord.
Until blissful promotion is blessed,
In your grave and in paradise.
Now victorious you are!