Friday, October 5, 2012

Static Mind

17th May, 2008

You think like a kid
As you think of that,
You know my name
But not my mind.

With you or not
I would live in peace
In reverse to your thought
That we are pals,
I am not possessed.

Sometimes in the past
I would lull my friends;
Apologising in their sight
To become cordial afresh.

As time goes on,
I  totally transformed
Into enormous wisdom lake,
And experience increased.

If you could have seen my mind,
You wouldn't think of that,
But let it be by-gone
That repeating it shan't.

From within my mind
I remain what I am
For I would never change
Like day and night.

Either you take me as one
Or leave me like that.
Nothing can change my mind
Except the All-wise.