Friday, October 5, 2012

CONDOLENCE (an elegy to Umar Dutse Mohd)

Oh death! You come and go,
Like taking away the electric light.
As life is tasted, you are tasted.
Death, you are a natural creature.
Death, you are an inevitable affair.
You snatch souls unawares.
We live and die, the end is you.

The river in my eyes flooded
To extinguish the fire blazing on my face
Whose cause was the death of my patron.
Alas! The flooding river can no more
Kill that flaming fire
Killing it is Almighty's will.

Gone you are, oh! My mentor
To return-never eternal abode.
Gone you are, to the real life;
Gone you are, to the possible world.
Now, help I can't but to pray
To your amicable and dedicated soul.

Your good works have really won
The trial and the result of your worldly stay.
Patient, tolerant, generous, and lenient you were.
Philanthropist and above all trustworthy,
Oh! My counsellor, fantastic encounter with your Lord I wish.
And all your errors be wiped,
Then forgiven by the Lord of the universe.

In everlasting peace and blissful garden shall you be.
With your wife, children, relatives and all.
Your good deeds would ever be recalled.
Now, the fire burning my face is dead.
By these comforting verses:
That every man shall be dead:

"Whosoever is on earth will perish
And the face of your Lord full of majesty
And honour forever remains, and:
Everyone shall taste death
Then be rewarded on what he did."
And everyone would reap what he sown.
May your good acts be rewarded for you.
May Umar's soul be in peaceful peace.