Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Bitter Truth: Muslims Reaction

Huzaifa Sani Ilyas

13 September, 2012

Nobody wouldn't react when his religion is
insulted or blasphemed unless he couldn't have
any means or lay his hands on an object that can
work as a weapon to unleash on reaction to the
provocative action except a person who doesn't
have good faith or has a weaker belief. People
may be silent when they are insulted or abused
personally, politically, culturally, economically,
socially, etc. You can even abuse a person's
mother or father or provoke him on any social
issue and he may turn a blind ear towards you.
But religiously, it is hard to find any silence
especially when it comes to blasphemy against
the religiously connected issues. It appeared
that most of the blasphemy in this world are
either on the prophet of Islam or the Islam per
se. Fortunately, this is where the Muslims draw
the line because they can undoubtedly sacrifice
their lives to defend their prophet's dignity to
the extent that they can even sacrifice their
parents and property on this matter .
Over the years, Muslims and Islam have
suffered mockery, they have been mimicked in
different forms, causing them pains in their
hearts by insulting their beloved prophet, their
sacred book, and their most respected,
cherished, admired apostle, who is loved by
every true Muslim in the world, but they only
ended up with the pain in their hearts because no
proper actions were taken. I wonder, what does
it benefit a person from to cast a blasphemic
image or abuse another person's religion or
sacred persons! I'm a Muslim, and in our
religion, we are warned not to abuse or insult
any of those who disbelieved in our religion much
less they insult our God unknowingly, furiously
and antagonistically. So, all this, is an indication
for peaceful co-existence with mutual respect
to one another and with respect to all the
different Faiths that Islam teaches... I never
heard or watched anything such as blasphemy on
any religion by a Muslim. And I have never seen
any Muslim doing such to Jesus [Isa] (P.B.H). In
truth, in our religion, anybody who doesn't
believe in Jesus (P.B.H) is not a Muslim at all.
Because belief in Jesus denotes one of the
articles of Islamic faith.
Anybody considers his religion as pure, sacred
and true, however, this cannot be an exception
to Islam. So, it is hurting, agonising, and
lugubrious for a Christian to hear a Muslim
abusing the Bible, or Mathew, or Luke, or John,
etc. Likewise it is painful for a Muslim to hear a
Christian abusing the Quran, or Muhammad
(P.B.U.H) or his companions. These may escalate
violence and instigate people to take arms and
to kill because religion is powerful and has a positive indivisible
impact on people's minds as it makes a person to
become capable of doing everything because of
it even if the thing seems physically and mentally
I don't know why I have watched this so-called
dubbed-filmed movie: 'Innocence of Muslims' by a Californian or Israel Jew (?) . It is highly
intolerable to watch. The insults, the
downgrading nature in it, and the words pronounced are
really stupendous that you wouldn't like to hear
them afresh for the rest of your life. The
producers, the actors, and the stakeholders are so
silly and horrible to have produced this movie.
Why did they have to produce such regrettable
action that can bring this world to a terrible war. And this shows that these people do not
want peace, what they need is only the opposite.
No peace can ever be maintained in the world
provided such heinous act continue. This film may cause
unprecedented holocaust as it portrays unusual
things that can never be tolerated. Many cartoons have been
drawn mimicking our prophet, many books have
been written, many lies have been told, but all
this, would lead nowhere but to a dangerously
huge path. I reiterate, this is not a path that will
lead to a good destination, rather, it is a cul-de-
Furthermore, somebody signed up on Twitter
with the name of our beloved prophet showing a
terribly horrible drawn picture referring to him,
and depicting him as the owner of the account
with gloomy, insulting status. 'Subhanallah'!
What is this all about? Also, for those who use
2go mobile applications, they would know a room
called 'Faith' in which nothing is posted except
insults on our prophet. And unfortunately, most
of whom are Christians. They use innumerable
words that they cannot even call their enemies
with, words that they wouldn't love to hear
someone mistakenly calling their parents,
relatives or friends. I have seen many pictures
belittling the Holy Quran, I have seen one with a
woman's feet stamping over the unfolded Quran.
God will surely punish the devil.
And for Muslims who show out such pictures, I
beg them to stop spreading such pictures and
such videos. Let' live a world where we will
respect one another's religion so as to live in
harmony, progress and understanding. So,
whether the film is dubbed or not, it is not
worth releasing except there is hidden agenda... It is now mandatory upon the American and the Israeli governments to bring these miscreants to book. And to try with utmost effort to prevent the recurrence of such films. It is the inaction of American government to provide a good, objective and credible censorship Act on American film-producing that led what is seen now as the murder of the American ambassador in Benghazi.
May God guide us to the right path!