Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Prolific Writer

13th May, 2008

(For the then Dr. Aliyu Kamal)

A prolific writer, your praise I sing.
A prominant poet I do greet,
To a literary scholar is my poem.
Linguist, stylist, novelist in title.
Critic, ommiting for this I won't

Traditionalist, modern you combine.
To be precise, religious I add.
You do more than my best, teacher.
In Nigeria, you are a writer.

In the domain you are an expert
Of the experts, you are vividly
The winner of the 2005 Cheveron/ANA prize.
"The Freshman" was the miraculous champion.

"Professorship you deserve..." I quote.
Proud of you I say is a must
Upon Nigerians in both the South and the North.
For your works are good in fact.
Your likes we need and hope.
I respect you my favourite writer.