Thursday, July 26, 2012


Why life in silence
Like an aged tomb,
What is that all about?
Living in silence!

Are you necessary?
Why not schooling at all?
Why do you elongate
Like a long woven rope?

You destroy our plans,
You dissect between us
With your sharpened dagger
And cease our blood to run.

I hate you much
For your malevolent acts.
I despise you as my death,
To my rest you are for no use!

You claim making me rest
From the over-burden of academic loads.
I say you are lie!
Rest is but like a prison term.

Move away from me!
For I am tired of your tyranny.
Or it'll be your end
As I'll refuse you and come alone.

Library will be my friend
Books will be my food
Prayers serve my intervals
And browsing to be my rest, not you!