Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MY RELIGION (a poem)

Some believe fully in you,
Others deny you more,
As illusion and tyranny,
Many embrace you more
As saviour of humanity
From the crises of modernity.

Could I be wrong or right?
What could be worse than
Denying your true self?
What could be more abysmal than
Disregarding your worth.

Without you, no more peace nor mercy,
Nor affability, secirity or affection.

Truly, without you, astray all we'll be,
The symbol of equity you stand,
Prosperity, blessings you all bring.

I wonder why they discard you,
Or are their eyes blindfolded to veracity,
Or, their eardrums barred to the truth,
Or may be undesirable whims shut their hearts?

I can't say but either of those fiends.
Life beauty is seen in you,
Ideal society, I understand, is you.
Oh my champion you act vigorously,
The stationary and dynamic role.

Actually you guide folks:
Jinns and men you glow,
Peace, love, and purity you dispense.
Aversion, violence and terrorism you excoriate,
Hush! You are but peaceful peace.
Your antithesis are other things.

Embracing you is a garden field,
Rejecting you is nothing but catastrophic burning hell.