Saturday, July 28, 2012

READING (a poem)

The light of humanity
The path to be genius
Exaltation lies in you,
Unrewarded reward is from you.
As I heard: "every glory
Unsupported by you, vanishes
Then replaced by disgrace."

Dies he whosoever
His life is given to you.
"The best is you in thought and say."
It is not my adage, but Arnold Mathew's
In the 19th century he lived.

The former was Shallaby,
The great Arabian thinker he be.
"Struggle I must become, a becoming and and end, and
An opposition to ends:"

To read, write and strive,
Were the words of Schopenhaur's disciple:
Nietzsche was the German Philosopher.

"Read, and read and read, everything timelessly."
Are my favourites', Jibril and I.B.K,
The influential emeritus and don.
Never ignore what they say
On reading: "animals all we be
Without you, thoughtless.