Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I have run!
Never to come back
Into the scornful camp
Which I never see
A hideous camp like.

Deceiving innocent mind.
Love in eyes,
Hatred in mind.
Ironic is the line.
Of the 16th century poet:
"Young men's love then lies
Not truly in their hearts
But in their eyes."
Young ladies' love lies
Into their eyes not in mind!

One takes one a dull
About the hidden plot
Or the inner thought?
Is she psychopath
Or antithesis of that?

Adieu for now!
Oh! My deceiving friend.
The tiger that clothes
In an ewe-like skin;
I'm vigilant for your disguise.

I ran away,
The way a rabbit
Runs into the lurking hole.
That knows its death comes
When by seeing a marauding wolf.

Now safety met me per se.
I would rather die
Than to go back
Where the deception lies,
And again I say bye!