Saturday, July 28, 2012

THE ENCOUNTER (a poem about NYSC)

Who says trash is in you?
Ignore him for he knows nil
Your miracles and lights.
Idiocy, naivety, nosiness,
And more junks you fight.

It unveils when one's mobilised,
Then, posting day one learns:
On the way to camp is enough,
One sees, hears, and perceives.
Journey is of knowledge, is that?
Learning continues up to the end...

But why a nasty simpleton argues,
What's not true about you, ah?
Heartless!Confined in a narrowed nook!
Hearken! Nook life is a crevice life!
Jungle life of savages' track.

Our faith teaches us thus:
Journey is a heart-moving fun,
A dictum: "experience teaches more
What he can never teach."

To know, one must strive, and
Striving denotes struggle in life.
"Seeing is believing", know that?
Latent and pompous then lapse.

Through you I've learnt lots
Values, religions, politics
That's not a lie!
Fame, fancy, and more
Well-known to all who did that.

But slander comes from a dull,
Redundant illiterate parsimonious mean,
Knowing nothing but eating HARAM!

Damn his habitual acts:
Sexual polygamist I knew that!
Why is he accusing a celibate man?
It was an irony as I heard that.

Thanks be to The Single Proof
Who forbids those deeds...
And my PRO bequeathed more:
Saying: "say good or just be hushed."

But to repay for bad is bad,
Revenge is not a lack;
Check the Books you'll find that!
My satiric verse is an open one,
Scathe me; I'm ready for that,
Keeping it lie is a cowardice act!

To a big-belly mean I give it as a reward,
Bosh! Stinking fellow I got that.
Try afresh; you'll regret your gab,
For mine fire and thunder it does have!
Next from the sky I'll commence!

Haram means unlawful thing.