Tuesday, July 31, 2012

THE OLD WAY (a poem)

The old way is now back,
Like a long time missing beloved.
The new way is deformed
By denying its vital chore.

The old way has just
Repented and reformed,
Saying: "by-gone is by-gone."
And seeking my hand in vow.

The new way now decided
To give its light to bastards,
Whose light already faded;
And whose aim is orgasm.

The old way is more
Beautiful, erudite and charming;
Knowledgeable, cultured and refined.
Its beauty, wow! Till you sight.

Blurring is the new path,
As its light faded for rogues.
And now ruining to death.
By those rascals and junks.

Oh! My old way, be calm.
Your apology is welcomed.
I'll renew you from ruin,
And rename you to new.