Sunday, July 29, 2012


I was astray
At the dark night
Past midnight.
Deserted were all,
I was left alone.
On that black night.
I searched all around,
But none to be found.
It was a cold night.
No where to go
As a stranger
No where I knew.
No guards nor drivers or riders,
But only the barking of nocturnal dogs.
The venue was locked.
Knocking wearily but in vain.
Palpitation and worry covered me.
My phone was deaf,
Worthless as a pulp.
As its soul perished.
I passed on streets and shrubs.
I was chased by a SATANIC dog!
Merciless, callous and troublesome.
Then my running increased,
For phobia of hydrophobia, not for death.
I was rescued by a herdsman
Who came out in search of bulls.
Took me to his abode I felt safe.
Full of mosquitoes and mice,
Together there we slept.
At dawn I rose;
To the mosque we went first.
Having our prayer said.
To my dwelling I reached.
Praise be to Almighty God,
And thanks to the cattleman.