Thursday, July 26, 2012


What a detestable, damnable, deplorable sting!
What a vacuous vandal!
What a varmint vanquish!
What a vapid vicious dim-witted cobra!
Tedious ghost, unpatriotic,
Blinkered and brainless!

Our progress declines,
Despised and barred?
Despite our sanity.
Nay! To this nausea!

Ours is but optimism,
Ours are barriers from travail,
To success, sureness and hope.
Yes, ours is audacity to lie!

Have we seen the inferno afar,
With its doors ajar,
Waiting many to dive amass!

Beware, claimant of the truth,
Yet, sticker to falsity,
Oppressor to academic folks,
Suppressor of goodness,
Foe to our panacea,
Repressor to itself,
Depressor to our bedrock,
And tantaliser to our dreams,
Yet despotic clenched fangs.

Waht a tenacious and precarious beast;
Sucking our blood alive?
Enough is enough, you genocidal missiles!
'No' and 'no' to this endemic felony!
Won't you free us?
Let you know: this life is mortal,
Let you repent, if not, go to hell!

The end of meeting, parting!
The end of journey, destination!
The end of life, death!
The end of death, resurrection!
The end of judgement: ABODE!

Two ABODES exist,
If one is not here,
Imagine it there,
Ours is enjoyably here,
But its just is there!