Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A NEW WAY (a poem)

Two years in love but to no avail,
As though in love with corpse in morgue.
No accord nor approval or appease,
Leaving me on the zenith of torture.

Trouble I was in those years,
For the love of the ulterior maiden.
Pondered, puzzled, insecure I became;
Shrinkage I shrunk like a frail old bat.

Brain turmoil, traumatic travails and apathy
In me on every visit she paid to my mind.
Poor grades like E for "rake" then obstacles.
Were only the scores I earned.

Lectures mine mostly I denied,
But hers covertly I proffered.
Jeers, scorns, sarcasms and all feminine jargons;
Were (only) her palatable comments on me.

Coun not sleepless nights I bore,
That in vain and irksome they were.
But now all pains I've recovered
From the catastrophe to prestigious pleasure.

Gigantic lesson I have learnt,
Pity or sympathy she lacks.
Mine thought now is no more on her,
Mobile I'm like unchained captive.

Oh! Yesterday and the day before yesterday,
Praises onto you for the vacuity you left.
In my heart new "path" now I have
That brightens and gladdens my soul.

Now free I'm from pains and woes
That in eternal joy I shall sustain!
For my new found free-way is filled with light,
That glitters like a diamond watch.