Thursday, July 26, 2012

MY TEACHERS (a poem)

You nurtured me to survive
When I was unable to nurture myself.
You fed me when no one could feed me,
My teachers I shan't forget.

You taught me when nothing I knew,
You moralised me when I was demoralised.
Obedience and servility to parents,
With your help, all I learned.

In the dim of darkness I was
Before your coming with light,
That illuminated through my heart;
Leaving no organ in need of light.

My future vision was initially coarse,
As you came it was smoothed for life.
You counselled, guided and led my mind
To reality and achievement of life.

Amazingly I didn't know my right
Least my left as you came all I learned.
Prayer to oneself and parents also I learned
From you, now I pray for all.

Teachers you are the incubators of mankind!
Without you life should be in vague!
You are the water without you life is null!
I must be praising you in my life!

Teachers what you do is quite
Unrewarding by all humankind.
I value you for you are worthy of that;
I must pray for you until I die.